Sunday, January 3, 2010

01/03/09 - downtown we go!

Alright... one of these days I will be biking to work. So J & I rode the Wiggle today just so I don't freak out.

It is a ride through busy roads and I handled it OK. You have to be more alert, especially on places like Market St, but it's OK. I managed.

Next we headed to Potrero Hill to visit a friend... that was also through city streets and then cutting across 8th St.

And finally... ride through the Mission - the land of crazy driving and narrow bus lanes - to get home.

I made it. PHEW.

So am I ready to ride to work?

Today's ride: 10.7mi (6%)

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kenny said...

you're more than ready to ride to work. you just need to do it to see what it's like, then the mileage will start piling up.