Friday, December 25, 2009

Ride #2, 25/12/09: the death grip through GG Park

I recovered pretty good from Ride #1, and since it's Christmas long weekend (and a Merry Christmas to you!) I had the opportunity to go for another ride today... this time through Golden Gate Park, from Haight to Ocean Beach.

Its a ride I have done a number of times before on the MTB, and I distinctly remember that my hands hurt more than my arse... and why? There is a stretch of road that's very cut up and it's bump-bump-bump for about 1/4 mile. Through the bumps I tend to stand on the paddles so the bottom gets a little relief. But through this stretch I literally death grip the handle bars. Right now I can say my hands and arms are more sore than the lower half of bod.

I worked on changing gears today... and I did improve. For starters I now know to soften the gears for a hill climb, I need to push the metal and the black plastic shifters. I know, in 5 months, I will look at what I wrote and ask myself WTF (re description of shifting gears)... I mean, at this point in time I get confused with what's up/ down. I get by via remembering what I need to do dependent on the road situation.

Well today's ride is a bit smoother than yesterday... oh except the bit about getting chains crossed... that's the next lesson.

Ride #2: 7mi... i.e. 4% of the goal

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Macca said...

Hi Joyce, happy NY. See you are still in SF. Enjoying the journey? How have you been? Would love to hear from you. Email addy is Would imagine your on twitter, yes? What's the addy there. Ian